CC video of the day: New Laker Young says Kobe won’t keep him from shooting

So this is going to be interesting.

Needless to say, Lakers' Nick Young has a reputation as a chucker. There is no spot from anywhere on the court that Nick won't shoot from and show just how much he doesn't know the words "passing the ball." Then there's Kobe Bryant. A player who throughout his NBA career is known for also taking many shot attempts.

The issue is Young is very streaky while Kobe is quite the consistent shooter and can hit the clutch shot more so than Nick.

Well if this is the attitude Young is going to be taking to L.A. come training camp, it should make for quite the interesting mix on the court but in the end, something is going to have to give.

Check out Young simply saying how Bryant won't keep him from getting his shots up (h/t Los That Sports Blog). Have fun next season Lakers fans!