CC video of the day: Warriors-Pacers brawl

What is it about the Pacers and melees? First there was the "Malice at the Palace" with the Pistons and now this.

During last night's Pacer-Warriors contest, things got heated between Roy Hibbert and David Lee in the fourth quarter. Off a missed shot, Hibbert shoved Lee who proceed to give Roy the shoulder-shove when all hell broke loose.

Stephen Curry came barreling in to get Hibbert away from his teammate, Hibbert proceeds to elbow Curry, and the melee ensues. Though you got to appreciate little Curry rushing in to help.

Though, Hibbert (who was ejected from the game) and Lee will see punishment from the league, David West has to be hit with something. He rolls into the scrum hitting Andres Beidrens, shoves a coach, and pretty much instigates some unnecessary roughness.