DeAndre Jordan has the Los Angeles ripped right off him

File this video in the "never thought I would see that one."

An interesting road trip for the Clippers that has already included a fan walking onto the court to tap Kyrie Irving on the shoulder and beg him to stay got that much weirder when DeAndre Jordan literally had the city of Los Angeles ripped from his jersey in Philadelphia:


Sixers guard Tony Wroten was trying to box out the super-athletic center for the Clippers and wripped the stitching off the front of his jersey causing Jordan to have to switch jerseys in game. Too bad he did not have a staffer go to the team store and buy him one fresh off the rack like in that baseball ad where the Oakland Athletics player asks a staffer to go buy him a jersey from Foot Locker or something.

Luckily they had one in reserve for Jordan to wear as the Clippers defeated the Sixers 94-83 on Monday.

All you can do is laugh about the incident. Or go out and grab 21 rebounds to help secure the win.

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