Don’t worry, Rasheed Wallace finally paid the taxes for his Portland-area home

If you don't know who former NBA forward Rasheed Wallace is, this picture gives a pretty good summary

Rasheed Wallace, owner of a productive 16-year career and current Pistons assistant coach, was known throughout his time in the NBA as a good player who tended to be, what is the word, goofy. Sheed always beat to his own drum, doing things on the floor that would only be done by him, and he alone, most notably of which was his "Ball don't lie" routine that garnered him plenty of technicals in his day.

However, the real world does not appreciate Sheed's oddities as much as the basketball world does. So when he accumulated over $100,000 worth of property taxes, left unpaid, on a home he owned in Portland, where he spent a big chunk of time with the Blazers, he knew he would have to pay off the debt eventually, before the law intervened.

Recently, according to the Portland Tribune, that is exactly what he did. Sheed got up to date with his property tax debt owed to Multnomah County, which Portland is in, this past Friday meaning his story will not morph into the many about former NBAers convicted of tax evasion, and other money-related crimes, and sent to prison.

Unlike he was in his basketball career, Wallace listened to the rules and complied by them. I'm sure some former coaches and referees wish he would have made that choice earlier and more often when he was still playing. That would have saved a lot of grief, energy, and points for his teams, that's for sure.

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