Video: Glen Rice Jr. ties preseason game with tip-in dunk

Preseason is usually bereft of many highlights.

It is a black hole. There is basketball so we get sucked in and watch and then regret doing so because the basketball is typically not very good. Even when games are close, they can be less than entertaining. The basketball is ugly and the play is choppy. No-names get a lot of minutes.

Sometimes though you get something special. Like Glen Rice, Jr.'s tip-in slam dunk to tie the Wizards preseason game with the Nets on Tuesday (h/t Mike Prada of Bullets Forever):


Rice scored 12 points and that dunk represented one of the three shots he made (and one of the eight field goal attempts he took). The second-round pick is trying to make the roster and athletic plays like this will help him do that — and get out of his sweet-shooting father's shadow.

It is preseason so let's hold on calling Rice the second coming of something.

It should be noted that Rice was originally called for offensive interference. That was reversed on review. The dunk became a bit of a flashpoint toward changing the interference rule to the international rule, which allows players to knock the ball off the rim if it is still above it.

That might be an argument for another day. Meanwhile, I have some preseason basketball to catch up on.

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