Hawks blurred lines keep you safe

Each NBA arena has some type of video or message aired that explains the NBA Fan Code of Conduct. You might remember these simple rules by using something called common sense. But because some idiot at the Palace of Auburn Hills set off the worst arena brawl between fans and players, the NBA had to formalize these things.

Teams around the league have to get this message out somehow. And aren't things better when you can sing them to the tune of your favorite summer songs?

The Atlanta Hawks thought that and platooned their in-arena staff, dance team and mascot to put together a "Blurred Lines" reminder of what not to do at an NBA game (h/t Rob Mahoney of Point Forward):


That is getting dangerously close to actually needing some blurred lines (if you have not seen the real music video, it is very NSFW).

Hopefully all 15 Hawks fans who show up for a regular game get the message. Either that or they are still trying to figure out what rhymes with "hug me."

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