Who said JaVale McGee cannot shoot?

And now something from the JaVale McGee files…

McGee posted an epic contest of skill on his Instagram pitting the Nuggets center against a local kid at what appears to be a Laser Tag venue — thankfully not a Chuck E. Cheese's — and he had to prove his shooting ability:


53-36 was the final. And McGee had to let his opponent and the world know that he can indeed shoot the ball.

Considering those narrow cages hardly allow a proper arc on a shot, the 53 points is actually quite impressive. But it is not determination of McGee's ability as a shooter.

McGee should be getting an expanded role with the Nuggets this season with Kosta Koufos shipped off and the Nuggets trying to get the most of their $44 million investment. McGee averaged 9.1 points and 4.8 rebounds per game in 18.1 minutes per game off the bench last season for the Nuggets. 

He made his only 3-pointer and was 18 for 60 on shots 10-23 feet. I do not think we will see McGee shooting jumpers anytime soon. Not unless there is cheesy arcade music, the chance to suit up for laser tag and a moving basket to help him out.

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