Knicks’ Woodson ready to ‘punch’ the panic out of J.R. Smith

Recently, Knicks' J.R Smith admitted to already pushing the panic button after New York's early season record (currently at 3-10).

3-10 is a tough pill to swallow if your the Knicks considering the team has the talent to make waves in the East, one can see why Smith is pressing the panic button. But don't tell that to head coach Mike Woodson who is ready to "punch" the panic out of Smith.

“To be sitting here after 12 games talking about I’m in a panic stage, I might need to punch him out and get it out of his thought process.”

Clearly Woodson isn't pleased with Smith tossing in the towel just a few games into a new season but Mike wasn't alone. Smith's teammate, Raymond Felton, also felt Smith went a bit too far with his statement.

“If we panic,’’ said point guard Raymond Felton, “we might as just well shut down the season.’’

To be talking "panic button" at this stage of the season is a bit much. Yes, 3-10 isn't a great start but it isn't salvageable, especially in the East. Unlike the West, where it seems every game counts, an East team can sneak into the playoff picture with a below .500 record.

If Smith really feels the team needs to turn it around, then perhaps he should start with himself and show more leadership than proving how quickly he can throw in the towel.