CC Video of the Day: Kobe Bryant off the high dive

Kobe Bryant seems to be moving forward with his rehab from a ruptured Achilles tendon at an alarming speed. Like super alarming.

Bryant was supposed to be on the shelf for six months, at minimum, and it did not seem like he would be the same Kobe Bryant. The man is 34 years old, after all. Coming back was not supposed to be easy.

He has not put a basketball in his hand yet, but his feats of rehab are simply astounding.

Bryant is already running on a treadmill, using a special air compression contraption. Now, he is diving head first into his rehab. This time literally (or not so literally). Bryant is jumping off a diving board as he continues his rehab. It comes with the message: "If I can run, I can jump."

Look out, NBA. Kobe is coming. Again.

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