LeBron James is hot… because of the fire

The NBA loves its intro videos.

Some teams go over the top to bring their teams to the court and introduce them to the fans. They whip the fans into a frenzy and set the tone for the team's identity and the team.

If that is what an intro video is supposed to do, then the Heat's intro video probably exemplifies exactly what the team is all about.

Shirtless. Doing dead lifts with ridiculous amounts of jewelry on. Yelling. Surrounded by fire.

I guess these videos have to be made somehow. But watching them actually film it makes you hate the Heat a little bit more. That is what ring envy will do, I suppose. That and greatest player in the league envy.

Set that to "Seven Nation Army" and it should really get your blood boiling.

Unfortunately, ladies, LeBron James is the only without a shirt. Unfortunately he is not walking ominously (or hilariously) through smoke.

The Heat video will air for opening night when they get their championship rings and renew the national hatred (or jealousy) over this year's champions. Unfortunately for Miami, the team cannot win titles based on staged workouts and special effects.

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