LeBron weighs in on Toronto mayor mess

If you have been following news North of the Border, you know there is something very strange going on in Toronto.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is accused of throwing wild parties and doing cocaine and other hard drugs. It is not a pretty scene in Toronto. Ford is pushing on and denying the accusations. It has swept up the Canadian media.

Apparently not LeBron James, however.

When the Heat visited the Raptors last week, the media asked the ubiquitous James for his thoughts on the controversy. James honestly did not know, causing Toronto reporters to gleefully try to inform the superstar of the latest in Canadian political gossip. The exchange? Here is Cathal Kelly of The Toronto Star:

A bunch of people began talking at once, anxious to spread this local infection. The etiquette is that you don’t tell LeBron James things. You ask questions and, if he feels like it, he tells you things. Etiquette was out the window.

Words started flying in James’ direction — “video” and “denial” and “police investigation” and “crack.”

James had a remarkable reaction to “crack.” He jumped back a couple of feet, nearly landing inside his locker.

“That’s a sensitive subject,” James said. For reasons that suit him as a global pitchman and, potentially, a future City Hall communications director, James is averse to sensitive subjects.

But he was interested all of a sudden.

The word "crack" certainly pique anyone's interest, because this controversy is so bizarre. It got James engaged in it. That sounds exciting.

And now we know where James stands on the controversy developing in Canada.

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