NBA exec thinks James would return to Cleveland

“Could I see him finishing his career in Cleveland? Absolutely,” the East exec said. “But next year? No, not that soon.”
That is the feeling of one NBA exec who feels LeBron James could return to the Cavaliers at some point in his career.  But will the Cavs and the city accept him back?
Recall "The Decision," the burning of James' Cavs jersey, and the anger fans felt as they flat out called him a traitor and coward to abandon the team and fail to bring the city of Cleveland a title.
But time heals all, and the Cavs now have a young, upcoming team led by Kyrie Irving which could sway James into a return home. Add the fact, Dwyane Wade will be on the decline (if not already) and Chris Bosh, well is Chris Bosh, the Heat's best days could be behind the franchise leading James to Cleveland.
Cavs fans may voice their displeasure at a return of James but how could they reject the best player arguably in the league right now.
Irving would be more than battle-tested, and James might be that key player to push the Cavs over the hump if the front office make the right moves.
And like they say, winning forgives all wounds in sports and James definitely can bring the wins back to Cleveland.