Pelicans unveil new jerseys

Fans are still getting used to the idea of the New Orleans Pelicans. The name still needs to be sold and reality still needs to set in for this name to really take.

A new jersey should help:

New Orleans Pelicans

There you have it. They are… jerseys.

That is about the only adjective that can describe the Pelicans' first uniforms. They are plain and simple, stating "New Orleans" simply across the check for both the home and road jersey. There is not much more to them.

The font lost much of the flair that was present on the last New Orleans Hornets jerseys. Who knows if the Pelicans will keep the Mardi Gras jerseys or something outlandish like that. Like when the Thunder moved to Oklahoma City, they went with simplicity more than anything else.

So there is what the Pelicans will be wearing. It is becoming a reality whether you want it to or not.

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