Pat Riley tells Danny Ainge STFU

David Banks/Getty Images/ZimbioMany lament the apparent lack of "competitive fire" or vitriol between oppponents in today's NBA. Whateverh appened to the rule that you don't help an opposing player up after he falls and generally just despise anyone wearing opposing colors with a passion. Like Kevin Garnett losing Ray Allen's phone number. That seems to be all we can get in this modern age.

Luckily we have executives who played in that era and still no how to protect their guys with stern words to get the blood roiling.

Enter Pat Riley and Danny Ainge to our stage.

After Ainge criticized James for his comments Pat Riley had a simple message for him, delivered to the press through a Heat spokesman:

Danny Ainge needs to shut the f— up and manage his own team.

I will let you fill in thos dashes. This is a family blog. The word rhymes with duck.

Remember after Wednesday's game LeBron James complained to the press about the hard fouls committed against him from Kirk Hinrich among others. James picked up a flagrant foul for shoving Carlos Boozer coming around a screen in frustration.

The Celtics, always ready to tweek their rivals, responded in the form of Danny Ainge. The Celtics general manager said "it was almost embarrassing that LeBron would complain about officiating."

Then Riley came back with this. When James was told about the comments, he reacted how a normal fan would if imparted wisdom from one of the league's great executives: "Oh man, that's awesome!"

Glad to see James gets excited about these things too. Especially since he has Riley fighting his fights in a way enforcers used to in the 1980s.

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