Posterizing is a thing now

Twitter has made the phenomenon of the posterizing dunk a cultural touchstone that inspires hashtags, constant replays, oohing and aahing and all kinds of hyperbole.

When DeAndre Jordan dunked on Brandon Knight, the NBA world went buzzing. When LeBron James threw down on Jason Terry, the cycle started again.

Everyone wants in on this action . . . so long as they are the one doing the dunking.

In our world's never-ending desire to set the next trend, "Posterizing" has become a thing. Featured on last night's Inside the NBA, some high school kids are part of this trend (unfortunate for the poor sap just standing there reading his texts):

I feel bad for this kid (unless it was planned) since Inside the NBA featured this bit of trendsetting on national television last night.

Fortunately, this trend is not quite catching on. Kids, it is best to leave the posterizing to the professionals:


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