CC Video of the Day: Rajon Rondo will never play for the Heat

The Celtics are changing. They will not quite be a title contender next year and that has people wondering about Rajon Rondo's future. Rondo is the lone piece really left from the 2008 championship team.

Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce have been traded within the division to the Nets. What still really stings is Ray Allen's defection to Miami. That is one thing Garnett and Rondo cannot abide.

In Rondo's case, he really cannot stand it. He told his campers at his basketball camp in Louisville that the Heat are off his list:


Geez, Rajon, thanks for clearing that up. I was really quite confused after this:


Rondo met his new coach, Brad Stevens, at his basketball camp in Louisville and is obviously seething with all the speculation the Celtics are going to tank. Rondo probably does not like losing very much. Especially to the Heat.

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