Stephen Curry endorsing a flavored mouthguard

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images/ZimbioMost of us — read: all of us — will never be able to shoot like Stephen Curry. There are not many guys in the NBA who could even get in the conversation with Curry.

Now, at least, we can all taste what Stephen Curry is tasting while he is shooting. That came out really wrong.

Stephen Curry has decided to endorse a product from a company known as MoGoSport (h/t Eric Freeman of Ball Don't Lie). That would be a company that makes flavored mouthguards. Not only do you get to protect your teeth, but you get to taste something too. Every basketball player will need this.


What is "Steph Curry" flavor? That is the biggest mystery of this whole endorsement deal. Freeman did a little more digging and found out that flavor is lemonade.

He also found that the reason a company like this exists is to keep mouthguards clean and in a player's mouth during stoppages of action — instead of being chewed, stuck in a helmet, in someone's stinky glove, etc. Interesting way to solve a recurring problem that nobody seemed willing to solve.

In normal endorsement news, Curry will match his MoGo mouthguard with Under Armour shoes after leaving Nike.

As long as neither affects his shot, it will all be OK.

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