Anyone want to bid on Jordan’s 1997-98 Bulls’ contract?

Now you can own a piece of Michael Jordan history as his 1997-98 contract is up for bidding.

Jordan inked a 1-year, $33 million deal with the Bulls for the 1997-98 season. Historically, it was the last contract he would sign in the NBA. The contract is up for auction by Heritage Auctions and here is a photo of his deal which could be all yours if you got that kind of cash handy.

via Heritage Auctions


The original estimate for the contract’s value by the company auctioning it, Dallas-based Heritage Auctions, was $30,000, but with a week remaining until the bidding closes next Thursday night, bidding has already topped $28,000.

“It’s hard to compare this to anything we’ve sold,” said Chris Ivy, the company’s director of sports auctions. “It’s Jordan, who is in a class by himself, and, to our knowledge, this is the only Jordan playing contract to ever surface.”

Anyone going to bid on this piece of NBA history?