Bucks owner’s daughter real star of Draft Lottery

Without Nick Gilbert hollering and hooting as the Cavaliers walked away with another Lottery victory, the NBA Draft Lottery needed a star.

We are still meeting the Edens, the new owners of the Milwaukee Bucks. And meet their appointed Draft representative, Bucks owner Wesley Edens’ daughter Mallory.

She did bring some modicum of luck to the Bucks. They earned the second pick in the Draft with the best odds in the Lottery. So Milwaukee will get that franchise cornerstone in this killer draft.

But Mallory was the real winner — even moreso than the Cavaliers. By some accounts, Edens saw her twitter following jump from around 249– likely just friends — to more than 26,000 (more than 1 thousand followers per tweet)  in a matter of a few hours. The time in front of the camera did her a ton of good.

Edens looked good rocking a vintage Milwaukee Bucks-logo emblazoned blouse (blouse? Is that a blouse? Ladies, help me a little bit here?).

The Bucks’ new owners certainly appear to have gotten their ownership off on the right foot. And they are building a nice following.

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