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Cavaliers allowing crazed LeBron fan back to the Q

A few years ago, in the midst of the Heat’s crazy 27-game win streak, a fan did something truly audacious.

He ran onto the court wearing a homemade “LeBron come home 2014” shirt and attempted to get his hero’s attention. The fact he got all the way onto the court is still pretty amazing. The fact LeBron James appeared to give him some dap or recognition in that moment was even crazier (seemingly encouraging such reckless behavior).

The fact that, as ESPN the Magazine later reported, James still kept in touch with this superfan, since banned from Quicken Loans Arena, and partied with him after the Heat won the 2013 title is pretty insane.

The fact that this fan turned out to be prophetic is stand-on-the-street-corner-in-a-tin-foil-hat crazy.

So now that James is back, what did the Cavaliers do? They welcomed this super fan home:

So, kids, if you try rally hard and get really lucky with your prognostication skills you can rush a NBA court, befriend the best player in the world and have virtually no penalty for it.

Good job, good effort.

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