CC Video of the Day: Lillard wants to go platinum with new rap album

Year after year and season after season, there always seems an NBA player will announce he is working on a new career — rap artist.

From Shaq, Allen Iverson, Tony Parker to Stephen Jackson, all have attempted to have a rap career outside of basketball and have all had underwhelming results. Well, except Jackson. He had some success.

So who is it this year that will be venturing into the music world? Blazers’ Damian Lillard.

Damian is quite the rap enthusiast and even holds rap contest on social media, however, he is quite confident he will have success behind the mic and feels a platinum album is within his grasp.

“If my profile continues to increase, I think I can go platinum with my music,” Lillard told “Not to knock anybody else who has done it, but I can actually rap. I have a story to tell. It’s not going to just be about basketball. I have more content than that.”

Who knows if he will be the biggest NBA-rap player yet but why not just see for yourself as Damian put out a quick video of himself spouting out some rhymes.