In bizarre CNN interview, Diplomat Dennis Rodman criticizes American held in North Korean jail

Globetrotting, peacemaking Dennis Rodman is now with a team of former NBA players participating in exhibition games in North Korea. Did you really think he wouldn't say something stupid?

If you could not fathom Dennis Rodman's stint as the United States' unofficial ambassador to North Korea getting any weirder, then start fathoming.

The former NBA player making the most news in the last few months has not been Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson or any other superstar. Instead, it has been stud rebounder and member of the Jordan Bulls: Dennis Rodman.

Traveling to communist North Korea multiple times in the past year for supposed diplomatic visits, Rodman has struck up an unlikely and close friendship with Kim Jong-un, the country's supreme leader, who is a huge basketball fanatic.

Rodman's newest North Korean adventure is with a host of other former NBAers, such as Vin Baker and Doug Christie, on a goodwill basketball exhibition tour against the country's best talent. However, because it is always something else with Rodman, the biggest news coming from the Hall-of-Famer's trip right now is from an incoherent and likely drug-fueled interview rant on CNN.

Rodman said he was drunk when he gave the interview and apologized. So, you never know what you will get with the unpredictable Rodman.

In the interview, Rodman criticized an American, Kenneth Bae, who has been held as a prisoner in North Korea since 2012 suggesting that the former tour guide operator did something to warrant his strange punishment and forced captivity.

The longtime Bull has been pressured by Bae's family and other US officials to talk to his friend, Jong-un, about releasing Bae, whose health has been deteriorating in recent months.

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