Eddie Johnson on the art of smack talk

Before Game Four the other night, Lance Stephenson was caught saying something about LeBron James and about how the Pacers would even the series up. James admitted he heard the comment and that it did pique his interest a bit. Stephenson proceeded not to score a point until the fourth quarter and his Pacers fell into a 3-1 hole.

This was a tell-tale lesson in how not to talk smack. Particularly when it involves the best player in the world and the two-time defending champions.

For 19 seasons, Eddie Johnson was one of the best sharpshooters in the league. He hit big buckets for everyone he played for from Phoenix to Houston to Seattle. He was one of the original floor spreaders. And he also knew how to talk a nasty game. But there were rules.

Rules he was kind enough to share on Twitter:

Some great insight on two prolific trash talkers in Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. It is absolutely key that you not only talk a good game, but if you are going to talk a good game you better back it up.

Reggie Miller always did and never said anything bad about the Knicks until he was getting under John Starks’ skin on the floor. There is certainly an art to this. An art that Lance Stephenson clearly has not learned. He could not back up his talk. Now the Pacers have their backs against the wall.

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