Elgin Baylor on Donald Sterling: Justice is served

Former Clippers general manager Elgin Baylor left the team and sued the Clippers, claiming he was discriminated against based on his race and his age. This despite the fact, many NBA fans noted, Baylor had failed to build anything resembling a quality team in Los Angeles. Quite possibly, he was hampered by an owner who could care less if his team won.

Baylor lost his lawsuit, but in it he claimed Baylor expressed Donald Sterling wanted to run his team like a plantation owner and urged Baylor to go to the inner city and find black players whom Sterling could hire to play cheaply. That is reportedly how delusional and racist Sterling was.

Baylor experienced firsthand how Sterling works as a businessman and NBA owner. And he told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that “just has been served” with Sterling’s suspension and the public shaming that has come with the TMZ audio recordings.

Makes you wonder how anyone has voluntarily worked with this man for so long.

[h/t Mark Medina of Inside the Lakers]

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