Flip Saunders: Kevin Love not getting traded

Everyone wants the trade deadline to involve some type of blockbuster deal that changes the face of the NBA. It happens every year and we get a little ahead of ourselves.

With free agency creeping up for both Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony, it was getting to be widely assumed that both teams might look to move them if they cannot get any guarantees they will resign. That is at least what the media rumor circus wanted to push some paper.

For Kevin Love, a 2015 free agent, it would make sense for Minnesota to trade him now. Like with Deron Williams, now might be the moment the Wolves could get the most for him and let someone else deal with the lame duck year. The Timberwolves have struggled this year and appear set to fall short of the Playoffs once again.

Flip Saunders put those rumors to rest (for now) 13 hours ago on Twitter:

There is no word yet whether Flip Saunders could turn that sports coat into a second round pick at this point. Love still has the decision to make whether he will opt out of his contract after next season. It appears the Timberwolves are going to give it next year to show they are a Playoff franchise with a bright future for Love to settle into.

Of course, things could change in the next 2.5 hours before the trade deadline.

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