For 14k, someone bought Carmelo Anthony’s 2004 Bronze Medal at auction

When you are being courted by NBA teams and being reportedly offered tons of dough, you would think money is not an issue. However, when you are Carmelo Anthony, an extra 14 thousand dollars in your pocket is nice.

Melo recently put up his 2004 bronze medal won at the Athens Games has been auctioned off for $14,080.

According to the report, Anthony decided to get rid of the meal citing the fact he felt it was a stain and was unhappy with his team’s performance. He also reportedly no longer cared for the medal.

Melo has suited up for Team USA on numerous occasions and captured two gold medals. I get why he would feel the way he felt at the 2004 bronze medal but a medal is a medal no matter what. It is an honor to wear the red, white and blue and despite the fact that 2004 team fell way short of gold, he should be proud of representing his country.