Gilbert Arenas vs. Nick Young in Little Tikes dunk off

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In all likelihood your first basketball hoop was a plastic Little Tikes hoop with some sort of rubber or Nerf ball. You would happily travel and softly place the ball into the net as your parents cheered.

It is one of the great enduring joys. You lower the rim and anything seems posible. You know it is time to graduate to the real hoop when you dunk so hard the plastic cracks (that happened for me just six months ago!).

Or maybe you do not graduate and instead you keep holding impromptu dunk contests on this toddler's toy.

Those repeat customers would be Gilbert Arenas and Lakers guard Nick Young. The two, ever the practical jokers, shared a Little Tikes shooting contest they had recently on Instagram.

First Arenas drained his shot:

Then Young answered.

Then the two made one more shot. The score was not anywhere near settled.

First of all, that is not that easy. That plastic basketball is a lot lighter than you think and does not bounce like a normal basketball. Secondly, good to see Arenas staying out of trouble.

Oh, this was to settle a score. I guess gambling is OK, right? Friendly wagering? Sure, why not.

Young and Arenas were teammates on the Wizards for several years. When the Wizards traded Arenas to the Magic in 2010, Arenas personally said goodbye to Young. The two are close friends and that has clearly remained since Young signed with the Lakers this summer.

Young has been fighting a swollen left knee recently. But he looks pretty limber shooting on that tiny hoop.

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