Gilbert Arenas, Tracy McGrady rip Roy Hibbert

Life is not good for Roy Hibbert right now.

The dude cannot get his game going, much less grab a rebound. His goose egg performance in Game One drew some ire from fans as the last straw of a Playoffs of inconsistency and lack of confidence. He is averaging 4.6 points and 3.3 rebounds per game. This is a 7-foot-2 former All Star and the linchpin of Indiana’s vaunted defense.

Without that, the Pacers have looked silly. And Hibbert has taken the blame. Even from some of his peers, like former NBA All Stars Gilbert Arenas and Tracy McGrady:

Ouch Gilbert.

McGrady got in on the fun by speaking a horrible, horrible truth:

The ridicule did not stop with former players. There was one more parody of Hibbert that deserved some mention. The special Roy Hibbert NBA2k controller:

Photo in Faux John Madden’s Hangs on LockerDome

There is one way to shut all these people up, Roy. That would be to play like an All Star and help your team even up the series tonight.

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