How will Heat adjust?

“Win projection, neutral schedule (2014′s strength of schedule):
43.2 (44.9)

Offensive efficiency:
-0.4 (-0.4)

Defensive efficiency:
-1.2 (-1.9)

Miami drops nearly ten wins from the season before thanks to an imploding offense. They actually improve on defense due to switching LeBron with Luol Deng (LeBron’s defensive marks were mediocre last season) and (most likely given the reports) losing Ray Allen. LeBron’s a one-man offense, capable of carrying an average offense into elite territory.

However, there’s an issue here. Players do not have concrete values. They’re dependent on roles and how they’re used. With LeBron gone, the offensive burden shifts to the other players, Bosh and Wade in particular. Some critics have stated those two stars were hindered by LeBron’s presence and ball dominance. It’s their time to prove this theory.”

Justin Willard of Analytics Game