In Boogie We Trust

Don’t look now, but the Sacramento Kings are 3-1. I will let that sink in for a bit.

This in light of the fact the roster features these starters: Rudy Gay, DeMarcus Cousins, Jason Thompson, Ben McLemore and Darren Collison. Only two of those guys are starters on any other team and yet this team has shown it can finally get it done on the defensive end by keeping opponents under 97 points per game so far and posting a defensive rating of 100.1 — good for seventh in the league.

They did not just beat some bad East teams either. After getting blown out by the Warriors to start the season, the Kings have beaten the likes of the Nuggets, Clippers and Trail Blazers.

It might be too early to tell, but this team could actually be trying to win some games this year.

Who knows? Maybe they will end up as this year’s Suns and surprise everyone.

You know who it all starts with though don’t you? That is right, it is Boogie, DeMarcus Cousins.

They are going to ride his 22 points a game and increasing maturity level (I said it) right to the edge of playoff relevance!

Who else is going to get it done in the paint for the Kings? Jason Thompson? No.

It will not be Carl Landry who loves him some mid-range shots. It will not be the outside shooting Omri Casspi, and it certainly will not be the rebound-only Reggie Evans.

I am pretty convinced that Boogie is going to be the one to take this team to the promised land and it is going to be glorious. #BoogieWonderland

About Benjamin Bornstein

A University of Florida grad, Ben likes basketball way more than he should. He gets excited about a Timberwolves-Kings game so that should tell you how intense the passion is for him. His favorite teams are the Spurs and Magic because he likes to be on both ends of the winning spectrum.