It costs how much to see a Cavs home game?!?!?

I get it. LeBron James is a huge draw. Add the fact he is returning to the Cavs where it all began for him in the NBA and it should not come to a surprise that the Cavs would hike up home tickets just a tad.



If you thought ticket prices to see James and the Cavs in Cleveland were just going to see a modest price hike, then get ready for this.

According to a report from Biz Journals, a family  of four heading to see James and the Cavs in Cleveland will set you back… $1,504!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On average, a family of four will spend $654 to attend an NBA game. That’s less than half the amount a family of four will pay to attend a Cleveland Cavaliers game this season. A family of four would have to pay more than $1,504 to watch LeBron James suit up this season. The Cavaliers are most expensive team to watch this season.

That is ridiculous!

Cavs fans looking to take their family to see James in person might as well just stay at home where it won’t set you back that ind of dough.

Seriously, do the Cavs really expect fans to bring their families to the arena if it’s going to cost them over a grand?

Don’t be surprised to see home Cavs games in TV and see empty seats.