John Wall and Liam Neeson team up for awesome Christmas Day games promo

Many people know Liam Neeson from his role in Taken and being a general bad-ass in almost every movie he’s been in since 2008 (when Taken was first released). Well, ESPN took advantage of that and paired him up with a rising star in his own right, John Wall in one of their promotions for the Christmas Day games. Of course ESPN has the TV rights for those games and it’s a good thing this was first commercial because so few people will want to watch the hapless Knicks play the Wizards. Neeson steps back into his role as Bryan Mills, threatening the point guard with the Knicks and even guarantees a win. Here it is in all its 30-second glory:

I get the feeling  that John Wall knows a little more than he’s letting on and the Knicks are going to need all the luck they can get.

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A University of Florida grad, Ben likes basketball way more than he should. He gets excited about a Timberwolves-Kings game so that should tell you how intense the passion is for him. His favorite teams are the Spurs and Magic because he likes to be on both ends of the winning spectrum.