Kate Upton gives Magic mascot Stuff a firm, ‘Maybe’

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Kate Upton is always likely to turn heads wherever she goes. I mean she is KATE UPTON.

When she goes out in public, like say to an NBA game with her boyfriend (sorry, fellas) Justin Verlander, she still has guys ogling at her. But dragons? Giant green dragons?

How could Kate Upton say no to that?

As she returned from Orlando after taking in Friday's incredible Magic win over the Thunder, TMZ cornered her at LAX and  asked about her run-in with Stuff, the Magic's lovable green dragon mascot. Upton simply said, "How could I say no to a Magical dragon?"

Note to self: buy Stuff costume. At this point, I think the only mascot she would not go out with is the garish Pierre the Pelican, whom we can only assume is recovering from his emergency beak surgery.

So how did this come about?

In the second half of the game, Justin Verlander left his seat when Stuff swooped in with a bouquet and a gigantic ring to woo Upton.

She did not say yes, but she did not say no either. So Stuff still had a chance until Verlander came back.

Verlander was not very happy and Stuff tried to make amends when Verlander showed up at the Magic's home game Sunday against the Pacers (another win).

Verlander did not seem to accept the apology.

I guess it ain't easy being green.

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