Kendrick Perkins provided a lesson for Steven Adams

“Probably the biggest reality check I’m in the NBA was in practice. That was probably the biggest ones. There would be a day, Perk, he was there. And we were like scrimmaging or whatever and we kinda got into it like we clashed. I’m innocent, I didn’t do anything, I accidently hit him. And then like, he turned around and elbowed me in the ribs and I’m like ‘oh my God’ (holding ribs). Then he just yelled at me: “I’m the only silverback!” I was like “What the…?” So that was a big check, it was like, “We got some animals in the NBA.”

Thunder center Steven Adams as told to Anthony Slater of

It is good to know Kendrick Perkins is good for something.

Adams, a rookie from New Zealand, had a lot to learn about life in the NBA from Oklahoma City winters (termed “ridiculous” by the affable Kiwi) to tables on the team’s private charters.

What Adams became known for this year though was his ability to get under his opponent’s skins and become a pest and nuisance really without ever trying. It sounded like Kendrick Perkins gave him that lesson early on in the season.