Kevin Durant is quite the tipper

It seems Thunder’s Kevin Durant knows how to take care of people who offer him great service.

Durant recently needed some grub and had a locker room attendant help him out. Once the kid returned, KD gave him a “little” something for his help.

A locker room attendant brought KD some food and handed him his change. Durant looked at him and said, “Nah, you keep it.” The kid said, “Wait, all of it?” Durant said, “Yeah, you good.” The kid looked up, stunned. It was a $100 tip. And judging by his reaction, those don’t come around all that often.

Considering Durant makes more money than one can imagine, 100 bucks is nothing but a drop in the bucket for him.

At this point I’d like to let Durant know I am available to help him whenever he needs it if it means 100 bones per job.

Seriously KD, email me!