Kevin Durant congratulates Seattle

As Seattle celebrated a Super Bowl victory Sunday night, Kevin Durant could count himself among them.

Even though he now plays in Oklahoma City, there was a one-year period where he wore the Sonics' green. Most of Durant's highlights will have him in a Thunder jersey, so his time with the Sonics is going to be a historical footnote. Durant though appears to remember his time in Seattle.

After the Seahawks completed their dominant 43-8 win over the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII, Durant sent out a tweet congratulating the fans in his former home:

Durant has been on a tear this month — 35.9 points per game, 6.1 rebounds per game and 6.1 assists per game — and has led the Thunder to the NBA Finals since the move to Oklahoma City. It is still nice to know he has not forgotten about the place he spent his rookie year.

Sonics fans surely appreciate the gesture as he had nothing to do with the controversial and contentious move from Seattle. That episode is surely one of the bigger stains on David Stern's 30-year record.

Oklahoma City fans may not have the same warm feelings.

Shortly after the Seahawks completed their victory, the "Oklahoma City Seahawks" shirts started making the rounds in a sick joke during a celebratory day for the Emerald City in the Northwest.

No one wants to be a downer and rain on Seattle's parade. The Seahawks are decidedly not moving to Oklahoma City and are quite comfortable entertaining the 12th Man in downtown Seattle.

This is a moment to celebrate. Which is a lot more than could be said the last time a Seattle team faced a team from Denver in the Playoffs:


Revenge can be sweet, but championships are much sweeter.

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