Forbes: Knicks most valuable franchise

There is not a lot to cheer about right now if you are a Knicks fan. The team is cratering after last year's second seed and playoff series victory. There are questions about Carmelo Anthony's future with the organization. And the team is stuck with few assets to wriggle their way out.

The Knicks future, in other words, does not look bright. At least on the court.

According to Forbes Magazine, the Knicks have the highest franchise value of any team in the league at $1.4 billion, a 27 percent increase over last year's franchise value. New York had the largest operating income, according to Forbes, with $96.3 million.

The Lakers, Bulls, Nets and Celtics round out the top five in the league in terms of franchise value and the Lakers, Rockets, Bulls and Celtics round out the top five in terms of operating income.

The Knicks just completed a renovation of Madison Square Garden and so they are clearly reaping the benefits of those renovations in terms of both value and revenue. The Knicks play on the court might be bad, but the coffers are very full in New York.

The Bucks are the team with the lowest franchise value, but are second worst in terms of operating income. The Nets are the worst in that category, turning in a $19 million loss this past year. They are one of four teams operating at a loss, according to Forbes.

The NBA, it appears, is generally very healthy as franchise values continue to increase.

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