LeBron James dons mask in return

If Winning Time proved anything, it is that basketball is an operatic performance.

And whenever an NBA player dons a mask — whether it be Alonzo Mourning or Richard Hamilton or Kyrie Irving — it conjures up images of The Phantom of the Opera. But it is hard to look menacing wearing that clear mask thing. Irving tried a dark mask, but Irving is no LeBron James.

James is the scariest guy on the court without a mask now . . .


Truly frightening. Somehow he has become even more unstoppable.

Although Carmelo Anthony had one moment where he blocked James' shot, but the Heat got the last laugh and a bit more. James scored 31 points on 13-for-19 shooting in a 108-82 win at American Airlines Arena. No ill effects from the broken nose or the mask.

Look out NBA for LeBron's magical lasso.

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