LeBron turned to yoga, Maleficent after Game 1

The difference between cramping at the end of Game One and watching Miami falter in the series opener and the brilliance of a 35-point performance might very well have been a Disney fairy tale?

Say, what?

Needing to clear his mind and kill some time (probably) after Game One, LeBron James ventured out into San Antonio alone and took in the Disney hit Maleficent at a local movie theater.

LeBron James enjoys seeing classic fairy tale movies by himself. Photo via Deadspin.

There is no truth to the rumor that LeBron was looking for a cool place to store his leg. Movie theaters are still respectfully chilly.

According to the Associated Press, James also went with his personal trainer to a yoga studio in San Antonio to get his mind right for Game Two. Whatever he did, it appears to have worked. James was brilliant in Game Two as the Heat tied the series up.

So do not be surprised to see Tim Duncan catching Edge of Tomorrow or Manu Ginobili in line for tickets to X-Men: Days of Future Past in Miami at some point this week.