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Social Media Recap and Grades

1. Cleveland: Andrew Wiggins (Kansas) — The Cavaliers made their decision and went with the guy with the high upside. Wiggins was the guy most people pegged as the top overall pick for a year now. This is the guy teams tanked for. And the Cavaliers went for him. It will take some time for the rough parts to round out on him. But for a player so raw, he is much more developed and refined. He has to develop a bit more of an ego to be a superstar. But he will be paired with Kyrie Irving so he will fit in well and ease into the NBA. Grade: A+

2. Milwaukee: Jabari Parker (Duke) — Probably the most developed player. Parker was a guy who looked ready to contribute last year while he was at Duke for an NBA team. He has all the offensive skills you could want. Especially for a young player. Parker has to continue putting on muscle and improving his lateral quickness. He was not known as a defender at college and, yes, the James Harden defensive comparisons were made. He will have to prove he is more than that at the next level. But for the Bucks, they need anything they can get. A great pick. Grade: A+

3. Philadelphia — Joel Embiid (Kansas): Now the intrigue begins. The Sixers took the injured center from Kansas whom many consider the top player in this draft. But that back injury and that foot injury are not good signs for a big man. Philadelphia will be great if Embiid turns out to be healthy. He has solid low post moves and great defensive instincts. But . . . those injuries. The Sixers are taking a big risk. Grade: B-

4. Orlando: Aaron Gordon (Arizona) — Super athletic forward with a drive to play the game. He can sky through the air and finish hard. But Gordon still has a lot of development and refining to go through. He loves to play basketball and that will drive him to get better. Gordon though really has no jumper quite yet. I mean, not at all. This is a pick on pure upside and athleticism. The Magic need a lot of everything, but he does not fill a complete need and he is not ready to contribute immediately. This pick is a bit of a reach and does not fit where the Magic are at. Grade: C-

5. Utah: Dante Exum (Australia) — Exum could be a truly transformational point guard. And he is a point guard at 6-foot-6. He has great athleticism and the ability to get to the basket. He still has to improve his jumper. And he has not played competitive basketball for a year. Those are some red flags. He is also someone that loves to play and will work hard every night. Yes, the Jazz already have Trey Burke, but he is also a combo guard. Exum should slide well next to him. Utah’s backcourt is set. Grade: B+

6. Boston: Marcus Smart (Oklahoma State) — Smart might be the point guard most ready to step into an NBA lineup. He has a strong body and an ability to bull his way to the basket. His assist and shooting numbers were a little bit low especially considering he came back for a sophomore season. He is a bull though and can get into the lane. For the Celtics, though, they have Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley. That is a lot of combo guards. Smart should turn into a decent pro as someone who has strength and defense. Boston will have to shuffle the decks though. Grade: B

7. L.A. Lakers — Julius Randle (Kentucky): The Lakers hit a double? This was not a flashy pick like Noah Vonleh might have been, but Randle is a solid player who will help the Lakers win now if that is the direction they want to go. He can step out and hit the little jumper and post up. Everyone compares him to Zach Randolph and that is a fair comparison. He will be able to grow alongside Kobe Bryant and take over when needed. Grade: A-

8. Sacramento — Nik Stauskas (Michigan): Stauskas is probably the best shooter in this Draft and that is a skill that always helps. He can put the ball on the floor a little bit and get to the basket. He is not afraid to pump fake and drive in. Stauskas has a lot of skills that would work. Is Sacramento the right fit? The Kings are still in a rebuilding mode — a perpetual rebuilding. With Ben McLemore already there and questions at point guard, what do the Kings have to get him the ball? Stauskas is not a guy to create his own shot. Grade: B

9. Charlotte: Noah Vonleh (Indiana) — Vonleh may have been a victim of pre-Draft hype and the wonder of physical measurements and workouts. Vonleh is a freak athlete that measures like a great player. He still has a lot of growth and development to go to become the player he will be. He needs some work still. The Hornets can pair him with Al Jefferson and he is clearly the best available player. It just will take some patience. The Hornets needed shooting, thought they should have gone with that here. Grade: B-

10. Philadelphia: Elfrid Payton (UL Lafayette) — Payton was the biggest riser in the Draft going from virtual unknown to lottery pick overnight. He put up gaudy numbers for Lafayette and played well against his competition. He is long and big for a point guard and is someone who will pressure on defense. As noted, his jumper needs improvement and when he played against good teams, he struggled a bit more. Payton has to improve his jumper. Which makes it tough because he will be next to Michael Carter-Williams. That is an interesting fit. Grade: B-

11. Denver: Doug McDermott (Creighton) — Even with today’s trade where the Nuggets acquired Arron Afflalo from the Magic, they need more shooters to spread the floor for Ty Lawson to drive. Doug McDermott does that. He is a good shooter. No, a great shooter. And is used to carrying an offense, so he knows how to create his own shot. Can he do it at the NBA level? That is the big question. McDermott will not have to carry things in Denver and will quickly become a fan favorit. Grade: A-

12. Orlando: Dario Saric (Croatia) — Saric is a very talented player who is something a point forward. Of course, he is also freshly minted with a two-year deal in Turkey. Saric still needs to develop but he is very talented. The best player on the board. But, he will not be around for the Magic. And Orlando has to start to turn the corner. That is a problem to think about for the Magic. A good player, but this feels like the wrong time unless those trade rumors are true. Grade: C+

13. Minnesota: Zach LaVine (UCLA) — LaVine is a crazy athlete. He measures really well and has a lot of opportunity to improve. Do not let him get in the open floor. And running with Ricky Rubio he will get those opportunities. LaVine needs a lot of time to improve. He is still too much of a pick-up basketball player and he did not average a lot of points on a fast-paced Bruins team. This is a pick for potential. Grade: C

14. Phoenix: T.J. Warren (NC State) — Warren is a scorer. That is what you can say about him. He can put the ball on the floor or slash to the rim and get to the basket. That is something that can translate. Warren has to improve his jumper and continue to get better as a shooter to make it at the next level. He is going to be a cutter for the Suns. Luckily they are a good passer. Grade: B

15. Atlanta: Adreian Payne (Michigan State) — Payne is a solid player that can bang down low and rebound and defend while also being able to step out and hit some jumpers. He has to expand his range and become a better 3-point shooter. The Hawks have plenty of those 3-point shooters. Payne though is a hard worker and an experienced player. He should fit wherever he goes. He will have a tough time seeing the floor until he gets that 3-point shot. Grade: B-

16. Chicago: Jusuf Nurkic (Bosnia-Herzegovina) — The Bulls are making this pick for the Nuggets and they got a big guy. He is compared to Nikola Pekovic a lot for his physicality and his touch around the basket. He is a big guy and he will have to improve his body and his conditioning to move forward in the NBA. It looks like the Nuggets are going to stash him. The Nuggets need a big man now though. Grade: C+

17. Boston: James Young (Kentucky) — Young was the shooter for the Kentucky super-freshman squad. He is a solid player who will fit a role. Not a guy that is going to create on his own. Maybe he could have become that if he stayed one more year at Kentucky. He is a lefty and has some athleticism. Young is a solid role player. That is something every team needs. The Celtics are a little far to need a player like that in Boston’s development. Good value for this pick though. Grade: B

18. Phoenix: Tyler Ennis (Syracuse) — Ennis is a really good point guard. Probably better suited coming off the bench in the long term. That may make him a good fit behind Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe. Ennis is a skilled playmaker and a guy who is not afraid. Remember that half-court buzzer beater? Ennis is not afraid of the moment. A really talented player. What Harris has to do though is find his way on this roster. It is a free-flowing offense, which should help him. Grade: B

19. Chicago: Gary Harris (Michigan State) — Harris is probably the best guy on the board. This is an overall solid Michigan State guy. Good defender. Harris is good at getting to the basket and continuing to improve as a shooter. Harris is a bit undersized to play the two. While he is the best on the board, the fact the Nuggets got Arron Afflalo earlier today. That is a bit duplicative. Grade: B

20. Toronto: Bruno Caboclo (Brazil) — Who? Let me see these highlights from Fran Fraschilla . . .  Did he just call him the Brazilian Kevin Durant? How grainy is that footage? Did Toronto not do any research? Grade: F

21. Oklahoma City: Mitch McGary (Michigan) — McGary is an interesting option as a stretch-4 and should help the Thunder replenish an aging and ineffective front court. McGary is a great shooter who turned heads with his performance in the NCAA Tournament two years ago. He missed all of last year with a back injury and then faced a suspension next year for failing a drug test. McGary could really work and this is maybe a bit high for him. Interested to see how he does. Grade: C+

22. Memphis: Jordan Adams (UCLA) — Adams split point guard duties with Zach LaVine at UCLA last year in that high-scoring offense. He is not the best athlete, but can run in the open floor and finish. With Rodney Hood and Shabazz Napier on the board, the Grizzlies really could have used a shooter and some guard help. Hood especially would help their defense. Adams is a good defender and fits that ethos, but is still relatively raw and between positions. Grade: C

23. Utah: Rodney Hood (Duke) — I really like Hood. He is a really good shooter and someone who can put the ball on the floor when guys try to close out. That is a good sign for a player like him. He will get the chance to get passes from Trey Burke and Dante Exum. This is a really good fit for him and the Jazz are building a nice team. Grade: A

24. Charlotte: Shabazz Napier (Connecticut) — The Hornets made this pick for Miami and he is a really nice player to add for them. A point guard who is unafraid of the moment and can shoot it. Napier has to continue to round out as a point guard and improve there. But in Miami’s offense? He should be fine. He will be a pesky defender and a guy who can hit a 3-pointer when he is left open. With James there, that should happen a lot. Grade: B+

25. Houston: Clint Capela (Switzerland) — I really like Capela. Still a very raw player who is going to keep improving as he plays in France. He has good defensive instincts and decent athleticism. Definitely a raw guy. The Rockets, more importantly, kept cap flexibility as he will stay overseas for a few years. Grade: B

26. Miami: P.J. Hairston (Texas Legends) — Hairston is a solid player around the basket and could become a stretch-4 in the NBA. He had the issues at North Carolina but thrived in the D-League. The Hornets could use another guy who could stretch the floor. Do not know what kind of a fit he is. He still needs some time to develop. Another year to improve might be nice. Grade: B-

27. Phoenix: Bogdan Bogdanovic (Serbia) — Really interesting shooting guard prospect coming from Euroleague. He has decent range on his shot and can handle himself on the basketball floor. Bogdanovic has to continue to improve and find his niche. He will be a do-everything guy whenever he gets to the Suns. I honestly do not know why he is down this low. He could be an impact player when he comes over. Grade: B

28. L.A. Clippers: C.J. Wilcox (Washington) — Wilcox is a great shooter. Will have to develop other parts of his game. Grade: B-

29. Oklahoma City: Josh Huestis (Stanford) — After taking power forward Mitch McGary with their first pick, the Thunder went for another power forward? One that many did not even have going in the first round? This seems like a very odd pick for this team at this juncture. Grade: C-

30. : Kyle Anderson (UCLA) — Who am I to judge the Spurs on a draft? Anderson was the leading scorer for UCLA and is a controlled and solid player. He has good athleticism and will get out in the open floor and score. He has to continue improving his jumper. But he should get there in San Antonio. Grade: B

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