Nerlens Noel alert! This year is gonna be inconsistent

Nerlens Noel came into this season with a lot of promise and it looks like he could deliver on it. However, do not expect to see highlight plays from him all the time, but the athleticism is there without a doubt.

Even in Noel’s first four games he has been on both ends of the spectrum with a 14-point, 10-rebound, 3-block game and then turning around and posting a 10-point, one-rebound and six-steal game. Then going toe to toe with Dwight Howard and then spraining his ankle the next time out.

Playing with the Philadelphia 76ers is not going to help his case as they are not looking to win and he will not be a big part of the offense. He will likely play a DeAndre Jordan kind of role — lots of lobs and offensive put backs.

That will not be too bad for him though. He could easily make Philly a League Pass must-watch team just by himself running and doing general freakish athlete things.

It looks like too that Brett Brown is going to be willing to play him a lot of minutes as well, given he does not go overboard with the fouls. What is promising though is that he looked good against Dwight Howard the other night, making him work for every basket despite the fact Howard has about 35 pounds on him.

Do not worry though. There is more good Noel to come this season.

It is going to be a long, fun, frustratingly terrible season for 76ers fans. Do not worry Philly, there is always next year when you get your high lottery pick to complement all the other high lottery picks you have ready to play.

About Benjamin Bornstein

A University of Florida grad, Ben likes basketball way more than he should. He gets excited about a Timberwolves-Kings game so that should tell you how intense the passion is for him. His favorite teams are the Spurs and Magic because he likes to be on both ends of the winning spectrum.