Nuggets’ Nurkic declared a ‘traitor’ by Bosnian Basketball Federation

Take it easy Bosnian Basketball Federation!

Apparently, the Bosnian Basketball Federation is very upset at Denver’s Jusef Nurkic when he signed with the Nuggets and have officially declared him a traitor.

According to reports, Jusef decided to leave Team Bosnia saying he was injured after initially stating that he was tired. That’s when the drama hit the fan.

However, the federation believes otherwise, saying that Nurkic “betrayed their trust” and left the national team without permission. According to the press release, Nurkic didn’t returned the calls of coach Dusko Ivanovic and the general secretary before leaving the team which prepares for the qualifying round of Eurobasket 2015.

Look I get it. Team Bosnia wants to keep their players home but can they really blame Jusef for realizing every single basketball player’s dream of making it to the NBA?

It’s the NBA! The highest level of competition in the world.

To go an label him a traitor is a bit harsh and it might actually push Jusef away from playing with Team Bosnia in future summer games like the Olympics.

It remains to be seen if Team Bosnia brass will punish Nurkic but what can they really do?

Besides, you think Jusef cares? He just signed with an NBA team, is young, about to get a huge paycheck, and learn from the best ball players in the world.