O.J. Mayo tying his shoe sets Gary Payton off

There is not a lot of motivation for the Bucks right now. They have just 10 wins and are clearly the worst team in the NBA.

Professionals though still have to play hard and give their teammates everything they have got. They owe that to them, right?

Apparently not.

In Thursday's game against the Nuggets in Milwaukee, Bucks guard O.J. Mayo took an unscheduled timeout. This was not a lack of effort on defense or just a lack of skill, this was a straight-up, I-am-here-to-collect-a-paycheck move from the Bucks' recent signee.

While his team is on defense — and Mayo is one pass away from the ball — Mayo is stooped over tying his shoe (h/t K.L. Chouinard of Bucksketball).

That is just sorry. There are no excuses for that. Luckily Randy Foye did not need to do anything and Mayo got away with this obvious tank move.

Mayo is in the first year of a three-year, $24 million deal with the Bucks. Good luck with that, Milwaukee.

Gary Payton, a former Buck himself, was not too thrilled with Mayo and even dropped a "turrible" in criticizing Mayo for his stupid move on Fox Sports Live:


Payton not only criticizes Mayo for this bush league move, but also his skills to tie a shoe. It takes Mayo and awfully long time to fix his laces. Not to mention the fact he seems completely oblivious to the play going on behind him.

Loop, swoop and pull, O.J. Loop, swoop and pull.

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