Shaq wants to make Shaq-Fu 2

One of the greatest (read: worst) video games ever made was the Super Nintendo classic Shaq-Fu.

The plot of the game involved Shaquille O'Neal, a dojo and several levels of hilarity. It was universally panned and is considered one of the worst video games ever made. It also had the added negative effect of keeping O'Neal out of NBA Jam, an unforgiveable crime to Magic fans who were "stuck" with Nick Anderson and Scott Skiles as their duo.

According to Wikipedia, there are sites dedicated to destroying every copy of the video game as well as sites dedicated to saving every copy.

Much to's dismay, Shaquille O'Neal does remember the game and its hilarious cultural impact. The game is revered for how bad it has become and is part of the video game culture.

And O'Neal wants to do it again.

Shaquille O'Neal told Antwand Pearman of GamerFitNation that Shaq-Fu 2 is coming to a next-generation console soon:


Hard to tell if Shaq is joking, but he clearly still has the karate moves worthy of Shaq-Fu. There have indeed been trademark claims made on Shaq Fu made in the last year by Mine O'Mine, Inc., the company that designed Shaq's Web site. So it would appear there are some legs behind this rumor, even if they are weak ones.

To say the least, seeing Shaquille O'Neal in the high definition graphics of XBox One or PS4 could be quite jarring.

One thing is for sure, it cannot be worse than the original game.


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