Spurs looking for new Coyote

Ever wanted to be one of the best mascots in the NBA?

You now have your chance thanks to this latest job posting with the NBA:

These jobs open up as someone has to be the man in the mask entertaining everyone at NBA games. But the Coyote is considered one of the best, premiere mascots in the league. To be part of that team has to be every mascotters(?) dream. This would be a huge jump up to the big leagues, so to speak.

What does it take to be a mascot for the Spurs Sports and Entertainment?

You are going to need high cardiovascular endurance and ability plus the ability to lift in excess of 50 pounds. All that while being able to withstand extreme physical and strenuous conditions. The suit does get very hot.

There are only 30 of these coveted jobs in the NBA. And, as we learned in the ESPN report from the beginning of the year, there is this strange Arizona State pipeline for NBA mascots.

There will still be a Coyote for this year’s NBA Finals. And it does not look like you will be the only Coyote if you take this job. It just looks like the Spurs are trying to increase their depth . . . again.

Some franchises have all the luck and all the foresight, don’t they?

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