Ted Mosby is having the best year ever

It has been a really good year for fictitional Clevelander Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother.

The series may have ended in May, but our favorite semi-eccentric New York architect met the love of his life (no, it is NOT Robin) at his good friends’ wedding back in May starting off a wonderful romance that will last [SPOILER REDACTED].

Mosby was never afraid to share his feelings on LeBron James and his departure from Cleveland. The show even mocked The Decision in a major way among its many LeBron-related Cleveland jokes.

Of course, James is back now. So how would Ted Mosby react?

Meeting the love of your life and getting your favorite hero back in your home city? Pretty darn good year Ted Evelyn Mosby.

[h/t Nate Jones of People Magazine]

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