The Raptors are bringing back their old-school purple jerseys. We want more!

The Toronto Raptors will be rocking their old school purple jerseys tonight against the Washington Wizards and that got us thinking…what other throwback jerseys do we want to see? Here is a list of 10 jerseys we would like to see teams rock more often on throwback nights.

1. Utah Jazz mountain setting jerseys:

Jazz mountain jerseys

Look at these beauties. A nice purple in there with some scenery that makes sense (at least more than the name) and every kid who watched Stockton and Malone wanted one or both of their jerseys.

2. Atlanta Hawks green and blue:

Pistol Pete throwback

Not those classic jerseys from the 90’s that Dominique Wilkins used to rock, but before that with Pistol Pete. These jerseys were just too smooth.

3. Denver Nuggets rainbow stripe:

Denver throwback

The Nuggets bring these back a couple times each year, but they never get old. They have got the mountains highlighted by a nice rainbow stripe and it just screams Denver.

4. Phoenix Suns simple stripe:

Suns throwback

A simple bright stripe with a basketball at the end. Tells people what you are here to do and you are going to do it in a flashy way.

5. Miami Heat vertical stripe:

Miami throwback

Another easy and elegant and design. I still enjoy watching the team play in these jerseys even if I don’t like the players in them.

6. Orlando Magic pinstripes:

Orlando throwback

These are a fan favorite every time and the Magic try to break these out as often as possible.

7. Milwaukee real deer jerseys:

Milwaukee throwback

This is a deer I can actually fear. It brings back good memories of when Milwaukee was a winning town.

8. Detroit Pistons pony jerseys:

Piston throwback

This was a perfect jersey. Had the exhaust pipes of a car built in as well as a pony on fire to resemble the horsepower of a car. Just brilliant thinking Motor City.

9. Pacer tri-tone jerseys:

Pacer throwback

These are the jerseys Reggie Miller made famous. The classic blue and gold with a hint of white on the side. Nothing says “business” like this straight forward design.

10. New Jersey Nets ABA days:

Net throwback

How could you not like these threads? The ABA days were good and just like the ball, the jerseys were an easy red, white, and blue with some stars on the side.

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A University of Florida grad, Ben likes basketball way more than he should. He gets excited about a Timberwolves-Kings game so that should tell you how intense the passion is for him. His favorite teams are the Spurs and Magic because he likes to be on both ends of the winning spectrum.