Tyson Chandler on Knicks making the postseason: ‘Somebody’s going to be in trouble’

The Knicks are currently at the eighth spot in the East playoff spot and Tyson Chandler is confident. Very confident. Perhaps too confident.

Yes the Knicks’ season has been erratic (to say the least) but the team has rallied and crept into the playoff chase.

Enter Chandler.

Tyson feels that the East teams are in trouble should New York secure a playoff seed.

“I always thought we’d really give our ourselves a shot of making the playoffs,’’ Chandler said late Monday after the Knicks finished their Western trip 3-2 after a 92-83 win in Utah. “I still believe if we get in there, somebody’s going to be in trouble.’’

Look I am all for confidence. I mean what do we really expect for Chandler to say, that the Knicks are going to fizzle in the postseason?

With all the turmoil New York has been through this season, making the postseason would be huge for the team.

However, waiting for them in the opening round could be Miami or Indiana. Good luck New York.