Apparently Metta World Peace’s new sneakers comes complete with a panda head and arms

Ron Artest errrr Metta World Peace errrr The Panda Friend is set to wear new sneakers which have a cute little panda head and arms.

Yes you read that correctly.

via Court Side

Metta is set to play in China this season so it comes to no surprise he is doing this stunt.

See what he is doing here? China, Panda. Get it?

Via PBT:

Metta World Peace has given us the following statement:

“…before every game, I will be wearing the white or black shoes. The top part of the shoe has a panda on it. I will be throwing it to a friend in the crowd. The person who catches it will be the Panda’s Friend of the day.”

And more from Panda himself.

OK let’s be real here. Fans in China will buy this up fast thus Metta is about to get paid.

Maybe he isn’t as wacky as we think he is.