ESPN ranks Spurs as top owner, management team; Knicks the worst

Looking for a reason for the Spurs sustained and continued success? Look no further than the team’s owner, Peter Holt, and their management team.

In a ranking by, using the same methodology as their summer series #NBARank and preseason forecasts, the Spurs were ranked first in both their owner and their management team. Considering the team has been a constant at the top of the Western Conference standings pretty much since 1997, there is no debating the sustained success the organization has had.

There really is no other team that it could be.

The top three for both lists are the same with the Spurs, Heat and Mavericks, attesting to how strong those organizations are. It does not hurt that the Spurs and Heat are both very successful right now and that the three teams have combined to win all but three championships since 2005.

It says a lot about the Mavericks actually considering Dallas is fighting for its playoff life right now and the team failed in its bid for big-name free agents after winning the 2011 title.

The top five owners in the league, according to, are:

1. Spurs Sports & Entertainment, Peter Holt (Spurs)
2. Dallas Basketball Limited, Mark Cuban (Mavericks)
3. Miami Heat Limited Partnership, Micky Arison (Heat)
4. Boston Basketball Partners LLC, Wyc Grousbeck (Celtics)
5. Rocket Ball, Ltd., Leslie Alexander (Rockets)

The top five management teams in the league, according to, are:

1. Spurs
2. Heat
3. Mavericks
4. Pacers
5. Bulls

So who are the worst? Again, there is commonality in the list. First, the owners:

26. Milwaukee Bucks Inc., Herb Kohl (Bucks)
27. Cavaliers Operating Company, Dan Gilbert (Cavaliers)
28. Bobcats Sports & Entertainment, Michael Jordan (Bobcats)
29. LAC Basketball Club Inc., Donald Sterling (Clippers)
30. Madison Square Garden Inc., James Dolan (Knicks)

And then the management teams:

26. Wizards
27. Cavaliers
28. Pistons
29. Bucks
30. Knicks

Three teams appear in both bottom fives — the Cavaliers, Bucks and Knicks. It is pretty telling that the Knicks are considered the worst team in both categories. There is no reason for New York to be this bad. The team has a great, desirable market, a classic arena and the resources to make everyone happy. Yet the Knicks cannot get out of their own way.

The unproven Phil Jackson will be trying to turn that around. It will be interesting to see if he can turn things around.

Otherwise, the teams at the bottom of the list are the ones that are perpetually struggling and seemingly accepting mediocrity. At least for the moment.

Things can change quite quickly in the NBA however.

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